Bed in the clouds & Walking on a high wire!

Walking across a high wire with a 3,000m drop looming below can get pretty stressful.

So Brian Mosbaugh decided it was time for a little lie-down.

The American – a member of the globe-trotting Moab Monkeys group of thrill-seekers – made himself as comfy as he could in his perilous perch.

He then got back up and strolled the rest of the way across in the mountains above Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

‘On a scale of one to ten, highlining is actually pretty safe – but when you do it without a leash… the danger level can reach nine or higher,’ said fellow daredevil Scott Rogers, who took the pictures.

‘We’re very experienced so like to think the risk is fairly low but we all know the consequences are very high – instant death in the case of a fall freesoloing or with the ankle leash slipping off.’
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