Only Panties Allowed In Germany's Coolest Semi-Nude Sport

 Sometimes when you get snow in your panties, you just have to grin and bare it.

The topless snow-sledding competition in Altenberg, Germany, lured the breast athletes from around the country on Feb. 23 for its annual high-speed race. Though we weren't there to see it for ourselves, our staff's pride swelled when we learned that we could publish a bunch of photos from the event, just for you.

Thousands of spectators showed up to peep the human snowplows, who were only allowed panties and boots and oh who are we kidding, you're already looking at the gallery, aren't you?

Topless Sledding!
Topless female competitors wearing only panties prepare to compete in the 2013 naked snow-sledding competition on February 23, 2013 in Altenberg, Germany. The annual event, which this year drew thousands of spectators, is sponsored by a local radio station. (Joern Haufe / Getty Images)
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