Kids can get their keulrojeueopreul!

'Who are you wearing? Today "Paparazzi curly brown hair wearing a fuschia dress with silver wedge request. strut the red carpet down a bit in the background while the camera to play with Lady Gaga's "Just dance" pulsates.

In one scene, but it could be any one of a number of award preshows Red Carpet Kids, Upper East Side town house internal event planner.

Actor - wearing a fuschia education and for 14, the company of her best friend, 7-year-old Marlo Sims is hosted pre-Oscar party.

"She is fascinated by the beauty and talent," says Laura Simms, daughter of Hollywood fandom.

Event planner for Sims Marlo pricey pre-Oscar bash on the red carpet for kids (dressed up to the left) and her friend Carmen Miranda get up in the spread.

Marlo is not the only one.
Parents want to see their kids out on the Academy Award glitz months hosting from a company you may want to consider a two-hour party - who run a hefty price tag for kids 15 4005 baekdalreoeul.

Parties and red carpet photo call for the opening in the backyard, and celebrity reporter wearing a fur coat leather 'interview " After that little tykes in the head and 70 costumes people select "upstairs in the closet" - the genie of the lamp, Geisha and pirates is whisked off into the makeup room before - including
Finally, their close-up of the time, they film on green screen a short film scene.

8-year-old Francesca Hourihan "director" surprise "Oh, this is cool looking!" Skull in black and crimson gown covered with pictures of the head and stomach fly. "It's really hard!" Francesca says.
Clip editing room downstairs in the "theater" (their "premiere,") for the natural kids head upstairs to the electronic transmission , they munch candy to eat pick - Starbursts, Mike and Ikes,

Sno-Cap - canteen (!, Just as the actual theater on the big screen) and grab yourself a plush red theater seats at the sink.
And the premiere after-party complete without a will? festival back down pizza and cupcakes decorations and take-home 'bags to the brim with trinkets Sunglasses and Eye Makeup filled.
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